Why do you need sunscreen in summer?

1. Why sunscreen?
Because of the environmental damage to the human body, photoaging (that is, the ultraviolet rays of the sun) is the most harmful to the human body, so sun protection is not only to prevent tanning, but also to comprehensively delay aging.

Second, what is sun protection?
Sunlight is divided into different bands according to the length of the wavelength. Among them, ultraviolet rays are closely related to the darkening of the skin. Ultraviolet rays can be subdivided into UVC, UVB, and UVA according to their wavelengths. The key point is to pay attention to UVA, which will mainly cause tanning and aging. It has strong penetrating power and cannot be blocked by ordinary clothes and hats.


3. Why apply sunscreen?
First of all, sun protection is a systematic project, no sun exposure > less exposure > hard sun protection > sunscreen, and secondly, most substances will reflect sunlight, which can be blocked by umbrellas and hats from top to bottom, but the light that hits the ground and walls will be reflected Come over, so sunscreen will be one of the last remedies.


4.The correct way to use sunscreen?
15 minutes before going out, wipe it with the size of a dollar coin to form a sufficient and complete protective film, and carry it with you when you go out, so that it can be wiped every 3 hours to remove the free radicals generated by the last ultraviolet rays in the body.

Post time: May-31-2022